Concrete art gives concrete surfaces their unique and versatile colors. Concrete stains are typically earth toned and produce a varied, marble-style color by inducing a chemical reaction with the hydrated lime inside the concrete surface.  Each concrete slab is different and will react with concrete staining in a different way, producing distinctive, one-of-a-kind results. Concrete dyes and stains can be used alone or together to enhance a concrete stain design. These are available in a wide variety of colors and hues to achieve the perfect look for your palette.  I also offer Concrete Scoring Design which is used to create decorative cuts in concrete, typically seen in tile or brick patterns. This process is also used in decorative techniques to add depth or definition to patterns in the concrete surface. Concrete scoring, or saw-cutting is also used to create control joints in a concrete surface, which allow for natural movement caused by temperature changes and other factors.


Using the concrete slab of your home or business as the flooring itself cuts down on material  waste, and stress to the environment. It also opens up a world of design and customization options that you simply don’t have with other materials.


Old, worn, and damaged concrete is given new life through this unique process of utilizing resurfacing, staining, and overlays depending on the desired outcome. Plain gray concrete surfaces can be completely updated with these restoration techniques.